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WOW!JAN 15, 2007 - Paleomap Project accelerates the creep of plate tectonics to reveal our wandering world in a matter of seconds. Dr. Chrisopher Scotese, the geologist responsible for Paleomap Project, is an Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Arlington. So his animated glimpses at our home planet's geological transformation over billions of years are not uninformed. They certainly are informative. Of course we see the continents change before our eyes here, but there's more to it than the relative size, shape and location of land masses on the face of the globe. Dr. Scotese also maps out Earth's climate zones, again over billions of years - and again, there's an animation you can view. We astrologers are accustomed to seeing the heavens shift above us. It's instructive to see how the earth beneath our feet is also a work in progress. We all know these things, in this day and age. But a picture is still worth a thousand words, and an animation can reveal billions of years.

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