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WOW!JAN 8, 2007 - Feng Shui Calendar is exactly what it says, and you can order one for yourself at this website for only $15.97 (plus shipping from Australia). With shipping included, that's a bit on the high side as calendars go. (Every realtor in the Valley has given me one free, at this point.) But this unique calendar for 2007 offers you a whole lot more than just a monthly sheet of dates to hang on the bulletin board, fridge or what-have-you. This artistic calendar is chock full of Chinese astrology, including lunar months, seasons based on the five elements, Traditional Chinese Medicine, the 60-day cycle of animal signs, moon phases, and more than I have time even to mention here and now. Apart from being an attractive and functional calendar, this is in fact a primer on Chinese astrology and feng shui. And since you'll refer to it daily for a year at least, chances are you'll end up learning a lot along the way. Does the calendar measure up to the website? Ask me in a week or so, when I hope to get my copy via airmail!

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