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WOW!NOV 13, 2006 - Jupiter's Dance is intriguing as well as exasperating. It's intriguing in that it argues for a link between planetary cycles and solar activity - and in turn, between solar activity and seismic activity (major earthquakea and volcanic eruptions) here on Earth. It's one thing to advocate a hypothesis, and quite something else to present data to support that hypothesis. Indeed, Jupiter's Dance presents such data - albeit some with more clarity than others. The whole production could do with some careful editing. not only for spelling and grammar, but also for basic fact-checking. For example, when the author claims that the Mayan Calendar Epoch of December 21, 2012 will coincide with "Jupiter, Earth, Sun in a line" (not so: Earth and Sun are aligned with no planet, unless a wide arc of nearly ten degrees be allowed from Pluto); with "Saturn, Venus, Sun in a line" (not so: Venus, Earth and Jupiter are aligned as seen from Earth, while Mercury, Venus and Saturn are all gathered within a five degree arc heliocentrically); and with "Neptune, Mars, Sun in a line" (again not so: Mars and Neptune are over 30 degrees apart geocentrically, nearly 20 degrees apart heliocentrically). Discrepancies of this sort undermine the rest of the enterprise, so you'll have to go at Jupiter's Dance with a willingness to double-check both the data and the hypothesis. I'm guessing that it might be worth it, but that's just a hunch.

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