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WOW!NOV 6, 2006 - Birthday Calculator is a little web page devoted to telling you a good deal about the day you were born (or just about any other date of interest). So go ahead, check it out by entering any date between January 1, 1856 and December 31 of the current year. In a heartbeat, you'll find out the corresponding weekday, approximate date of conception, zodiacal sign, lunar phase, Julian calendar date, and Chinese year; plus the equivalent Hebrew, Mayan and Islamic calendar dates; your current age (in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds); top songs in the year you were born (bummer, no listings for 1856); how old you are in dog years; how many days 'til your next birthday and how many candles to put on the cake (as well as how many BTUs they'll put out). I've only scratched the surface, but surely you get the drift: there's a whole slew of information here, all about the date you select. A nifty curiosity in its own right, and possibly even a handy historical reference for dates from 1856 forward to present times, Paul Sadowski's Birthday Calculator is neat and petite. (Thanks to one of my clients - hi Kate! - for bringing this one to my attention.) PS: Am I the only who thinks the ad for the Soul Mate finder comes off like one doozy of a phish hook?

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