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WOW!OCT 30, 2006 - is a brand new online commmunity for astrologers and others of a metaphysical inclination. If you're interested in things like Tarot and other forms of divination, feng shui or Tai Chi, or natural health and healing (homeopathy, aromatherapy, vegetarianism, diet and fitness etc.) - to name just a few paths supported here - then this is a forum designed for you. It's attractive and easy to use, a virtual social network that aims to make it easy to socialize with people who share your interests and outlook: message boards, blogs, a built-in Instant Messenger (nothing to download), the whole nine yards and then some. is the brainchild of Michael Erlewine, the Renaissance guy behind Matrix Software and the All-Music Guide, to name just a couple of cultural watersheds in his considerable wake. It's free, but you're welcome to support it by buying one of the popular-priced and very attractive Star*Types programs that subsidize the community. It's just starting up, so this is your chance to get in on the maiden voyage, take the shake-down cruise and see where it takes you and any number of kindred spirits.

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