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WOW!SEP 4, 2006 - Solar Storms & Space Weather is contemporary astrology, as politically incorrect as that may sound to the untrained ear. Astronomers are highly discouraged from using the "A" word; viz. astrology. But even old Claudius Ptolemy would readily see that what's now called space weather is a plainly astrological proposition, a case of the Cosmos reaching right down into our lives here on Earth. Astronomer Sten Odenwald does an excellent job of explaining what space weather is and how it affects at his website, Solar Storms & Space Weather. And in case you think space weather is of no practical relevance to you, think again. Consider the impact that solar cycles have on the ozone layer, on the electrical grid that powers your PC, even on the level of radiation beaming through your body right now. This is 21st Century astrology, and it's cutting edge timely: over the past month or so, first one and now two reverse polarity sunspots have been observed on our local star. This is just what would accompany the beginning of a new solar activity cycle. Astronomers expect a new and unusually stormy solar cycle (Solar Cycle 24) is due any time now, so these two new reverse sunspots very well may be the harbingers of a big-time shift in space weather. Ptolemy would be ptickled.

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