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WOW!AUG 14, 2006 - Armageddon Cocktail Hour is must reading for news junkies and other fans of doom. Seriously folks, ask anybody in the news business to explain "If it bleeds, it leads." Then you'll understand why pretty much all news is bad. Such as, for example, the buzz in the blogosphere of late about Iran nuking Israel this coming August 22nd. I'll bet the first sucker to take me up on it a hundred bucks that Israel doesn't get nuked by Iran next week. I'm certainly not saying it'll never happen, but I've got a hundred bucks that says it won't happen next week. Sure, the Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all gather in the sky close to Regulus. Big deal. It's happened many times before, and Israel's still here. Any time an end of the worlder wants to bet you the Apocalypse will happen on any given date, take the bet. The worst you can do is win - because even if you do lose, they'll never collect.

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