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WOW!JUN 17, 2006 - Heavens-Above is a wonderful online info-mine for the celestially-inclined. Register, and you get free astronomical data and maps to key you in to what's happening up in the sky at any time, date or location - such as your own back yard, or any place else you select or specify. You can even have the celestial info of your choice delivered right to a handheld device (e.g. your smartphone), by subscribing to the Heavens-Above AvantGo channel. Whichever route you take - even better if you take both - you'll get detailed star charts, times of visibility for various celestial phenomena (including space satellite transits, iridium flares, the International Space Station, etc.). It's all accurately generated in real time and customized for whatever location, time and time zone you specify. If that sounds like a lot, bear in mind that I have only scratched the surface: check out the daily Sun and Moon data, the planet summary data, the solar system chart, the fine constellation catalog, and so much more. WOW! is such an understatement, when it comes to Heavens-Above.

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