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WOW! APR 24, 2006 - iRobot Roomba may, to the uninitiated, seem to have absolutely nothing to do with astrology. But as an astrologer, I have a different perspective. I can either spend an hour a day vacuuming, or I can let Roomba go at it for a couple hours a day, leaving Maria or me only an hour a week of vacuuming to do - not to mention leaving me a whole lot more time to do astrology, or anything else I like. With two Persian cats and a German Shepherd dog running around the place, it's not as though vacuuming any less is really an option. Roomba has been here only four months now, and already I don't know how we managed without it. I've seen them selling anywhere from about $150 (for a reconditioned one at a discount store) to the full list price (around $350), and at somewhere in the bottom half of that range I rate Roomba a good value already - but I won't be sure until I've had it a year or more, being a double Capricorn and all. Suggestion: don't get the one with the scheduler option, be sure to get the extra filters, and maybe an extra virtual wall while you're at it. Most especially recommended for anyone with a back injury!

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