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WOW!APR 17, 2006 - Astrology Bookmarks is not just an online link collection; that would be so prosaic as to be hardly notable at all, no matter how good. Instead, it's an organic, communal information organism, a wiki- approach to collective astrological bookmarking. You can use it as an online repository of your own personal astrological bookmarks, enabling you to access them from anywhere. Or you can share your personal bookmarks with the world, in a communal collection. Anyone and everyone is free to add new links to the collection, which is bound to result in a certain amount of self promotion and other chaff of course. Yet, over time, the links that really resonate with the greatest number of people will be those that become most prominent. (These may not be the best in any absolute sense, but they will be the most popular: democracy, you will recall, is defined as mob rule.) And then there's the tagging aspect: you can tag each site you bookmark with an astrological factor describing the content of the bookmarked site; e.g. Venus conjunct Uranus, or whatever. This way, your bookmarks become an astrological encyclopedia of sorts; and combined with everyone else's, an astrological wikipedia. Dermod Moore has been around online astrology pretty much from the beginning, and Astrology Bookmarks is his latest and most intriguing innovation. That makes it worth a least a look, and probably a bookmark as well.

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