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WOW!APR 10, 2006 - Peter Lynds hails from New Zealand, whence his reflections on time are rocking people's worlds all around the world these past few years. You might think there'd be nothing new anyone could say about time, after all these millennia. Indeed, some physicists argue that Peter really hasn't added anything new to the discussion, but the very fact that the Foundations of Physics Letters published his theory in 2003 suggests that he may not be so easy to dismiss. Lynds' website includes a link to a .pdf version of the paper, which I recommend for careful study; as well as further explications of his ideas on Zeno's Paradoxes and the neurobiology of consciousness. Read them carefully, and then ponder the meaning of a Universe with no time for a now. Is it all mind games? Well, that's exactly the question, isn't it? And please don't ask what this has to do with astrology. After all, you should know my motto by now: "Astrology is about time . . . what else is there?"

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