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WOW!FEB 6, 2006 - SpuriPedia bills itself as "The Wikipedia of Spurious Information," which is to say that it's a virtual encyclopedia of nonsense; a "compendium of fallacious fact, bogus biographies and nonsense neology." And as such, it's a welcome diversion from the real world, especially at a time when the real world is getting increasingly nuts. (One of your cartoonists draws up our Prophet, we burn your embassy . . . that sort of thing.) Check out the entry on hamsters, for example: "Whether for their fuzzy cuteness or their ample drum sticks there is no denying the almost universal appeal of these gorgeous, and sometimes fearsome, animals." Be sure to bookmark this little online island of tomfoolery, my friends: in these tumultuous times, it may help you keep your sanity.

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