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WOW!JAN 16, 2006 - ChronosXP is a free and very nifty little multilingual (English, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese) utility for Windows PCs running Windows 98, ME, 2000, NT or XP with Internet Explorer 5.01 or later. It's a fast download (about 650kb); an easy install later, and it's sitting in your system tray, showing you the real time planetary hour at your location. (You do have to enter your location name, latitude and longitude, and time standard once the installation is done, so ChronosXP can do its thing for you.) If you've been around astrology any time at all, you know what planetary hours are. If not, fret not: click on the appropriate selection from the ChronosXP program to find out what they are, and check out Maria Kay Simms' excellent online article for tips on how to use them. Note: you do need to have Microsoft's .NET Framework 1.1 installed on your PC to run ChronosXP. If you're running Windows XP with Service Pack 1 or higher, you've most likely got .NET - ChronosXP will tell you if you need it, and it's a free download from Microsoft in any case, so don't worry about it.

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