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WOW!OCT 10, 2005 - Starlight is a type of astrology software I've dreamed of for years. Yes, there's now astrological software that incorporates the Sun, Moon and planets and the stars in an intelligent (albeit traditional) fashion. It facilitates the kind of astrology many of us have done on our own for decades - observational astrology, getting out and taking in the night sky. Available for reasonably modern PCs only (sorry, Maccies!) and priced at £195 (currently around $350 US), this isn't software for everyone. But it is for you if you want software that combines planetarium capabilities, astrological charting, and select sidereal astrology techniques (e.g. parans, heliacal rise and set, interpretive natal chart reports incorporating fixed stars). Delivery is by airmail only, which can take a couple weeks depending on how far from the UK you are. (Too bad there's no downloadable demo, let alone delivery by download.) Not having the opportunity to play with Starlight personally, I can't speak to the quality of the software. But if the features are as described online, it may very well be the most important innovation in astrological programming in at least twenty years. No downloadable demo or delivery, 350 bucks, and no mention of modern cosmic denizens such as black holes and magnetars . . . still, it's tempting despite those drawbacks, if only because it combines capabilities I've previously had to use separate astronomical and astrological software to accomplish.

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