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WOW!AUG 29, 2005 - Starry Night Store is where you go online to buy or just learn more about what may be the world's most popular astronomy software. Be sure to check out the Big Kahuna, Starry Night Pro Plus. Among its many deluxe features is one I've never seen topped: a full-color CCD photograph of the entire night sky, which can be set up to display the view from any place on Earth. I almost typed any time as well, but the truth is that Starry Night Pro Plus is limited (if you can call it that) to calculating and representing astronomical positions between 99,999 BCE and 99,999 CE. (That's BC and AD respectively, for you non-ecumenical types; and it's the greatest time span capability I've ever seen in any astronomical software.) With more features than most people could ever imagine a need for (let alone use), Starry Night Pro Plus is the top of the line - and priced accordingly at $249.95. But there are several other versions of the software available at the Starry Night Store, with features and prices to suit most anyone's preference.

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