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WOW!MAY 2, 2005 - Astro-Pocket is astrology software for your Palm OS PDA or smartphone. I have been running it on my Treo 650 for a week now, and I must say I'm impressed with what Astro-Pocket can do: gorgeously rendered natal charts, with solar and planet positions accurate to within about a minute of arc for starters. (Not to mention a built-in atlas complete with time standards, your choice of tropical or any of six sidereal zodiacs, eight house systems, major asteroids and "Transneptunians,"; plus biwheel charts, solar returns and progressions, and much much more.) All with software that costs only $28.00, on a device little bigger than a pack of cards. I remember Commodore PET PCs with 8 Kb RAM that ate up a desktop back in the 70s, and couldn't approach anything like this kind of astrology with the best software of the day.

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