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WOW!JAN 3, 2005 - SpaceWeather is a site I've featured before, but it's especially timely this week; first because it's the start of a new year -happy, happy - and visiting SpaceWeather regularly would be an excellent resolution; and second because there's a lot of space weather happening this week. For one thing, there's the annual Quadrantid meteor shower, a sight to see in the hours before sunrise on the 3rd. (Those of us in western North America should have the best view of the Quadrantid shower this year, weather permitting.) And then there's the green, twin-tailed Comet Machholz, another celestial sight to behold this week. Last but hardly least is the latest solar activity, including the X-Class solar flare unleashed on January 1. Details are at SpaceWeather. You should be too - so click on over, already!

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