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WOW!DEC 27, 2004 - Caesarean Voices is all about Caesarean births; or birth by C-Section, as it's popularly known. The authors whose engrossing research, essays and artwork appear at Caesarean Voices include Caesarean born people, parents of Caesareans, physicians, psychiatrists, artists and others. They're all grappling with what a birth like this means for the person born this way. It just could be an important topic, astrologically. After all, personal astrology begins with the natal horoscope, a map of the heavens and the Earth calculated for the moment of birth. What if that moment, not being determined by natural processes, somehow puts its own in some sense unnatural signature on the person being born? Caesarean Voices makes the case that something like this is in fact happening - and to more and more of us lately. It's a phenomenon astrology must consider too, it seems to me. How to begin? Study this site!

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