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WOW!OCT 25, 2004 - PNY Executive Attaché is a really cool tool, the kind of thing you wonder how you managed to live without once you have one. It's a combination ballpoint pen and USB 2.0 flash drive, available in 128, 256 and 512 Mb models. If you can't find one at a local computer or office supply store, PNY sells 'em online. For around thirty bucks (and up, for the higher capacity models - north of a hundred dollars for the half-gigabyte type), it's a handsome pen that writes well and makes a handy computer storage and transfer device as well - and it works with both PCs and Macs, by the way. Astrologically speaking, any of these pens can easily hold tens of thousands of horoscopes, and move them handily from one computer to another. Granted, the PNY Executive Attaché is no Mont Blanc, although there's a resemblance. But the memory feature makes a Mont Blanc seem so 20th Century in comparison.

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