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WOW!OCT 18, 2004 - Winning Tradition details a curious but so far infallible coincidence between the winner of the last Washington Redskins home game before the US Presidential election, and the winner of that election. In brief, it works like this: since the Presidential Election of 1940 - the first one held following the Redskins relocation from Boston to Washington DC - the Redskins' last home game before the election has foretold the outcome of that election. If the Redskins win that game, the party in power wins the election. If they lose that game, the party in power loses the election. So far, the coincidence has held true every time without fail. If it is to remain unbeaten this year, the Redskins will have to beat the Green Bay Packers on Halloween, followed by a Bush reelection; or the Packers must win that game, followed by a Kerry victory. (I told you last year how I figured it would play out: "a toss-up, with the edge to Bush.")

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