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WOW!SEP 6, 2004 - Mysterious Signals From 1000 Light Years Away is the title of an article in the current issue of New Scientist magazine, about a radio signal which has created quite a stir in SETI (Search for Exta-Terrestrial Intelligence) circles. The signal, most recently detected in 2003 but originally picked up in 1999, is described in the New Scientist article as "the best candidate yet for a contact by intelligent aliens". Surprised? Why? Don't you remember my "SETI Succeeds by 2003" article, published online here at Astropro back in 1996? You know, the part which reads "the January 12, 1996 - March 10, 2003 Uranus transit in Aquarius would coincide with a number of developments;" among these being that "Radio astronomers will receive the first recognized signals from extraterrestrial civilization . . ."

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