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WOW!JUL 26, 2004 - WeatherBug is a recent addition to my PCs, and I wouldn't be without it. This free utility settles in on your system tray, and whenever you're online it goes live to bring you the current weather and any official Weather Service alerts as they're issued. AWS Convergence Technologies, which provides the free WeatherBug software, claims more than thirty million users. I tried a similar program from The Weather Channel, but quickly went back to WeatherBug because it's so much better. With features like live and local weathercams and radar loops, it's the best. What's weather got to do with astrology, you might ask? Someone's copy of Ptolemy's Tetrabiblos must be getting dusty! (Incidentally, if your browser can't access this week's selection, you're overdue for an upgrade. I keep a bunch of old browsers around on my various machine, and I can tell you that WeatherBug will crash old Netscape Navigators, for example.)

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