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WOW!MAY 31, 2004 - Prophecykeepers is billed as "the only Native American owned and operated Native Prophecy website on the Internet." If so, it's a shame; because it's an eye-opening experience to spend some time at Prophecykeepers and get a sense of what Native Americans are prophesying these days. Perhaps especially now, given the recent (May 22) birth of the white buffalo calf at Spirit Mountain Ranch near Flagstaff, Arizona. This is considered a momentous event by many Native Americans (especially Plains Indians such as the Lakota), who regard it as symbolic of rebirth in troubled times. Rebirth and troubled times are a couple of the major themes at Prophecykeepers , and it makes for some fascinating reading; as well as listening (via Internet radio). For a uniquely Native American spin on impending Apocalypse - with nods to Mayan chronology and just about every Third World eschatology you can imagine - I haven't seen better than Prophecykeepers. (And then there's the kooky stuff about Nibiru Nancy . . . )

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