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WOW!APR 26, 2004 - You & The Universe is both the name of Carl Woebcke's website, and the title of the lavishly illustrated coffee table astrology book he has written. This 176 page, 8-1/2 x 11 hardback is lavishly illustated, as you'd expect of the coffee table book genre. But unlike others of its type, You & The Universe really lives up to its title. It's individually prepared, based on the customer's timed birth data. Order one for yourself - $125 plus shipping - and you get a book about your own personal cosmic connection; which is to say that it includes an interpretation of your very own natal horoscope. This intriguing combination of art, astrology, astronomy and mythology is a splendid presentation, as anyone can see from the website. If the actual execution lives up to the online exemplar, You & The Universe could rate a place of honor on anyone's coffee table.

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