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WOW!APR 12, 2004 - Casio makes lots of nifty gadgets, including plenty that can be particularly useful to astrology-minded folks. For example, their atomic solar G-shock watches. Astrologers aren't the only people in the world who need the most accurate time possible, but everyone who does will appreciate these modestly priced gadgets ($100-$400 MSRP, less at Amazon of course). They're atomic because they automatically set time by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) atomic clock signal, broadcast by radio from Boulder, Colorado. They're solar because that's what they run on: no batteries, nothing to wind. Think about it: short of nuclear winter, this watch could run forever. And it could probably last forever, too: the thing is water-tight to 200 meters, and able to withstand impacts that would shatter most crash-test dummies. OK, it's a bit bulky, not the sort of fashion accessory Heidi Klum would likely sport on the runway. But damn, who cares, this thing keeps good time and will probably outlive anyone who buys it. (Suggestion: you might want to check to see if you can get the NIST time signal radio broadcast where you live before buying one of these gadget watches.)

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