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WOW!MAR 29, 2004 - Astrobasis Software is a rarity: software for astrological research. This Windows-only program calculates astrological data (the equivalent of horoscopic points such as planet positions) and stores it in a form which can then be output to Microsoft Office spreadsheet or database files. (If you don't have Office, you'll be glad to know that the program also outputs comma-delineated data files and a couple other standard formats.) Calculate a large sample, for example, and you can do statistical analysis. But I don't see why you couldn't calculate data for a single individual, and then use the output as the basis for a merge document that could interpret the individual's horoscope. That's the beauty of being able to output directly to standard-format data file: there's practically no limit to what you can do with it. At $50 for the main program and $20 for the time converter module (automates time standards calculations), Astrobasis is not expensive. And you can download a free trial version if you like. All in all, it looks like Astrobasis programmer Eugene Pripisnov has coded up the answer to many an astro-tecchie's prayer.

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