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WOW!MAR 8, 2004 - A Chilling Possibility is a wake-up call from NASA, of special importance for all the global warming sheep. You know the type: the folks who swallow the new socialist agenda hook, line and sinker; who think the sky is falling due to the odious offal produced by evil global capitalist industry. Yes boys and girls, the climate is warming. No, it isn't because of those nasty richlings in their Humvees. It's a natural cycle, and it may not be headed in the hotter direction after all. At least, not for long. There's evidence to suggest that we could be headed for another Ice Age instead - and maybe within as little as twenty years. Imagine that: a climate reversal just in time to discredit the Global Warming Nazis before they can secure their grip on political power. This is indeed a wondrous world!

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