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WOW!DEC 29, 2003 - Astro*Talk Lunar Phenomena is must reading from one of contemporary astrology's great mentors, Michael Erlewine. From his breakthrough work in galactic, locational and heliocentric astrology, to pioneering astrological computing, Michael Erlewine is one of a handful of people who have defined the astrology of the late 20th and early 21st Century. He's also one very exceptional human being, but that's beside the point. The point in this case is that if you don't pore over every word at Astro*Talk Lunar Phenomena, then you don't have a clue about the astrology of the Moon, of aspects and cycles . . . not to mention how any of these things tie into the solar wind and the geomagnetic field. (Note: users of obsolete browsers may be unable to access this week's selection. If you can't get through, you really need to update your browser.)

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