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WOW!DEC 1, 2003 - Advanced Oceanography is the website for a Stanford University seminar course (GES 205), organized by Professor Robert Dunbar. Fortunately, one needn't attend classes at Stanford to get a handle on some of what's going down in Professor Dunbar's seminar - much of which is totally fascinating for anyone interested in the ties between life and earth and land and air on our home planet. From ocean currents to anchovy and killer whale population to commercial whaling and the exchange of oxygen and CO2 between the oceans and the atmosphere, this is a wondrous witch's brew we live in and on - and that doesn't even scratch the surface of what you'll find at Advanced Oceanography. (Lots of the recommended readings require Adobe Reader, free for the downloading if you don't already have it.) You'll also find discussion of a cosmic link; for example "resonances in the periodic motions of the earth and moon" as a component of climate change. Hmmm . . . sounds like the "A word" to me.

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