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WOW!NOV 24, 2003 - Bonnie's Astronomy Links breaks a lot of the rules around here. It's just a link collection for one thing, and doesn't have its own registered domain for another. Besides which, it's pretty simple stuff - no fancy code, no special effects. Ah, but the stuff you can learn about the Cosmos here, if you just follow Bonnie Lee Hill's selected Astronomy Links - majorly good stuff, including some you'll be hard pressed to find anywhere else at all. (Such as, for example, the 18.6-year lunar declination cycle data for 1900-2100: note that we're coming up on a declination extreme in 2006.) As you might guess from her astrology and astroeconomics links, Bonnie's interest in the Cosmos is practical. The resources gathered at Bonnie's Astronomy Links include some that are practically priceless, and that's why I bent the rules a bit to make sure this one doesn't escape your notice.

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