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WOW!NOV 3, 2003 - Star Watch Astrology Calendar is a really personal astrological calendar, in the sense that it puts your own personal daily aspects - i.e. from the heavens to your own natal chart - right at your fingertips. This 5-1/2 x 8-1/2 inch spiral bound week-at-a-glance appointment calendar sells for $65 plus postage and handling. If astrology is an interest and a weekly appointment book fits your life and schedule, then the uniquely personal Star Watch Astrology Calendar could be just the ticket for you. There are volume discounts for gift-giving, but remember: each person's date and place of birth will be required for each uniquely individualized calendar. (Gift givers don't need to furnish recipient data when ordering - the recipients can do that later.)

NOTE: The site reviewed here has gone down in the years since the review was written.

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