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WOW! AUG 18, 2003 - Celestial Wristwatch is where you can go to check out a unique new astrological timepiece. And if you like the little gizmo, you can buy it too - in your choice of three colors (gold, silver and blue), for $129. Warranty? Who knows, the website makes no mention of one. There is a customer service page, which includes a toll-free number. You might want to use it to inquire about warranties and such if you're one of those astrology buffs who simply must have everything. The watch's built-in ephemeris expires on December 31, 2007, so you're buying at best a disposable novelty in any event. Until that day comes, you can enjoy conventional as well as astrological time displays - the latter including up to the minute ascendant and midheaven as well as planet aspects. Well, what else are you going to do with your $129? (Aye, there's the rub.)

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