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WOW!JUN 23, 2003 - alt.astrology.tropical is the new online home of the moderated Usenet newsgroup of the same name. If you don't know what newsgroups are, it's time you plugged into them and found out. They're online discussion groups, where people post, read and respond to messages from people with similar interests. (Unlike chat roooms, newsgroups don't happen in real time only: people respond to messages that may be minutes old or weeks old, kind of like an interactive bulletin board.) Most newsgroups are unmoderated, which is something like a food fight at a fraternity house: the signal to noise ratio is very low. A good moderated group - and alt.astrology.tropical is about as good as it gets - is more civil, orderly and organized; without becoming too censorious. You can get a sense for yourself by viewing the newsgroup's current approved messages, or through Google, or by subscribing through your news server. Meanwhile, at the alt.astrology.tropical website, you can check out the group's policy and Usenet FAQ, not to mention a bunch of nifty astrological features including an onsite real-time ephemeris and a wonderful collection of links to some of the best astrology anywhere online. It's all put together by webmaster Sharyn Smith, whose labor of love is sure to keep you coming back for more.

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