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WOW!MAY 5, 2003 - Shamanic Journey of the Sun presents a new set of astrological symbols, one for each of the 48 degrees of declination transited by the Sun in the course of a year. Mystical and imaginative in origin and nature - not unlike the Sabian Symbols created by Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler generations ago - these declination symbols include for each degree an image, a playing card and a zodiacal longitude equivalence. In addition, further images are provided for the 'out of bounds' degrees of declination - extremes north and south of the celestial equator where the Sun can never go, but where the Moon and planets sometimes venture. Perhaps your own astrological experience will include a venture into new symbolic territory, following this trail blazed by Lorraine Exley and Paul Newman. (No, not the salad dressing actor guy!)

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