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WOW!MAR 3, 2003 - Comet C/2002 V1 NEAT is the plain truth antidote to all the Comet NEAT craziness being hyped by crackpots and wackos worldwide lately. Yes, there really is a Comet NEAT - but it's not twice the size of Jupiter, it's not a death star, it won't tip the Earth off its axis, etc. etc. This is just a fairly ordinary comet, boys and girls. It's not a secret catasrophe being covered up by the powers that be in order to prevent us from going wild in panic and destroying civilization. It's just an ordinary comet. Gary Kronk, one of the 'Net's foremost comet chroniclers, lays it all out for you here - complete with some of the fine images Gary's known for. There, now. Feel better?

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