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WOW!JAN 20, 2003 - AstroVDM is the website of Koen and Dragana Van de Moortel. Between the two of them, they speak four languages (Dutch, French, German and Serbian), and their site is multingual as well. It's a place you can connect with world astrology, through some thoughtful articles on the subject from a European perspective. Be sure to take a look at Koen's article titled "For those who still believe in astrology," while you're at it; also his review of Dennis Elwell's book Cosmic Loom. (Koen's book Astro-logics can be ordered from the website, as well.) There's also astrological software, as well as Dragana's courses and personal consultations. (She holds a diploma from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London.) Don't pass it by: give AstroVDM a look.

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