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WOW!DEC 30, 2002 - isn't particularly fancy, although it is sophisticated enough to adapt to all the popular window sizes; which is more than can be said for a lot of websites I visited today, until I happened upon this one. With its soul of simplicity design - no frames, no JavaScript, no XML etc. - loads fast and lets you get to the goodies quickly. And astrologer/programmer Jonathan Dunn has plenty of goodies for you here, as you can quickly see (and access) from the site index. Musings on history and current events and correlations of both with various astronomical phenomena - from Kuiper Belt Objects to the changing perhelion of Uranus and more than you'd believe if I tried to summarize 'em - this is a site that will occupy your mind and imagination for close to forever. Just pick up a thread anywhere and go with it, and if that doesn't take you far enough, then check out the links page. Phenomenal!

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