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WOW!SEP 16, 2002 - DEBKAfile is an award-winning bilingual (English and Hebrew) "self-supporting Internet publication devoted to independent, investigative reporting and forward analysis in the fields of international terrorism, intelligence, international conflicts, Islam, military affairs, security and politics." The editors, experienced international correspondents formerly with the mainstream media, have a first-rate web of sources around the world. I found out about DEBKAfile from a client whose business requires top-flight global intelligence. My client subscribes to their weekly email newsletter featuring "exclusive political and military analyses and prognoses" - which, at $120 per year costs a bit more than Mad magazine but compares reasonably with print subscriptions to less informed sources like the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. I figure DEBKAfile must be fairly good, since their assessment of the US military build-up for a war against Iraq concludes that the necessary forces "will be standing ready in theater by the end of the first week of October." Sound familiar? Maybe because it's mentioned in my September forecast as the target date for a war-related stock market bottom "probably around October 7, give or take a few days, when there's an air strike on Iraq or some other dramatic military confrontation." Fancy that!

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