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WOW!AUG 26, 2002 - Cosmic-Imperative is fun, a novelty site not to be missed by astrological amateurs and beginning students of astrology. What's unique here is the broad reliance on the spoken word to interpret personal horoscopes: the natal chart itself, as well as forecasts, and a couple types of relationship analysis (composite and synastry). Just make your selection, enter the requisite full birth data, and revel in the novelty of hearing an individually prepared computerized astrological interpretation. There are a few things to keep in mind about using Cosmic-Imperative. In the first place, you'll need the free RealPlayer software in order to be able to listen to these audio astrology features. In the second place, you'll need to have your full birth data - time (including time standard info), date, and place (including latitude and longitude) - to enter it in so you can get your personal forecast, natal chart reading, etc. (Coordinates and time standards info for major world cities can be automatically selected, but most people will have to enter the necessary data by hand.) And finally, a suggestion: take advantage of the selection to turn off the "Say planet positions" option. The interpretations come across with a natural timing and speed, but the planet positions are awkwardly strung together a word here, a word there. Last but not least - and of special interest to students of astrology as opposed to a general audience - is the Treasure Hunt game. It's not spoken, it takes you out into the real world to search and learn astrology for yourself. Innovative and fun, Cosmic-Imperative is a site you don't want to miss.

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