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WOW!AUG 19, 2002 - Apollo 15 Laser should fix what ails you if the "fake Moon landing" crowd ever starts to wear down your sanity. Unfortunately, a few such characters have insinuated themselves into the lunatic fringe of astrology; claiming first that they're astrologers and second that the NASA Apollo Moon landings were a hoax. Lacking sufficient sense or honor to care that they're embarrassing themselves and an ancient discipline, people of that ilk can darken a real astrologer's day like a total eclipse of the Sun. As one who's been a student of astrology since before the lunar landings, and who lived in Florida and personally witnessed the first Apollo lunar launch, I put the lunar landing hoax advocates in the same category as the Flat Earthers. If you ever find your sanity starting to waver on this point, just drop by the Apollo 15 Laser website and refresh yourself on the laser experiments that have been done over the years - and continues today - using reflectors left on the Moon by several Apollo missions. Who knows, maybe you'll be skeptical enough to visit the McDonald Observatory and ask 'em to bounce another laser beam off that reflector on the Moon for you. Just don't ask 'em how the reflector really got there, or they might call the men in the white suits.

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