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WOW!AUG 12, 2002 - RAMS is a bilingual (French and English) website of special interest to those who like their astrology filtered with a bit of scientific rigor. RAMS, incidentally, is an acronym for Research in Astrology Methods of Science. Okay, it reads better in the original French: Recherche en Astrologie avec des Méthodes Scientifiques. Whether you're skeptical (or critical) of astrology, or hip deep in skeptics and critics whose questions cry out for well researched answers, you can't do yourself or the subject justice without giving RAMS a going-over. Granted, most of the summary essays online here are laconic distillates of articles which have appeared in print in the RAMS Review. (In some cases, the complete articles are available online in Adobe pdf format.) But this is good stuff, and it addresses some of the chief objections raised against astrology in a way that's fair to tradition and critics alike. Now there's a novel idea!

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