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WOW!JUL 29, 2002 - Heavens-Above is where to go if you don't know where to look for something in the sky. From astronomical phenomena to spacecraft (including the International Space Station), this is the site that points you in the right direction to see what you want to see. You'll have to register the first time you visit, but it's free and easy. And it means that, the next time you visit, Heavens-Above will remember who - and more importantly where - you are. Which means it can draw you up a map of the heavens for your current time and place; or you can input whatever time and date you like, if you're making plans for a sky party.

Just so you'll know why, I thought I should let you know that Web Site Garage has announced that their website is closing August 15. And indeed, by late July parts of it were already shut down. So, for obvious reasons, in future I won't be using their utility to check websites in this review.

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