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WOW!JUL 8, 2002 - Harmonic Concordance is an intriguing website devoted to one particular moment in time: the lunar eclipse of November 9, 2003 (Universal Time). Why would anyone devote a handsome, amply developed website to a single moment in time? Obviously, it's because someone thinks it's one whale of a special moment. In this case, the someone in question is actually a small consortium, including Jan and John Mirehiel (respectively the webmistress and astrologer principals of the project) and a dozen other astrologers and metaphysical types. And what moved John Mirehiel, who first noticed this forthcoming eclipse back in 1998, to regard it as something so special, is that the Sun, Moon and planets (if you include Chiron among them) form what's called a Grand Sextile or "Star of David" pattern at the moment of the eclipse; that is, a pair of equilateral triangles arranged so that each vertex is 60 degrees from the next. OK, so it may look like a cool configuration; but what might it portend? All kinds of cosmic stuff, if most of the contributors to this site are to be believed. Or maybe, nothing in particular, as one (John Townley) opines. Having seen lots of heralded cosmic portents come and go, many leaving practically nothing in their wake - and historic watersheds happening without a pretty planetary pattern - I'm skeptical. But you decide for yourself.

Technically speaking, Web Site Garage rates Harmonic Concordance poor over-all, poor in load time - 22.67 seconds with a 56k modem. By comparison, the page you're now reading rates excellent in both categories, with a 6.02-second load time at 56k.

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