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WOW! JUN 24, 2002 - Astrology & Science is a handy little icebreaker for anyone new to the examination of astrology in scientific terms. (This is a thing apart from the noxious intellectual imperialism represented by the many uninformed, self-appointed astrological debunkers who pretend to scientifically examine astrology, it should be noted.) In brief, this fully bilingual (Dutch and English) website focuses on the ongoing attempts to replicate and critique the seminal statistical studies of Michel and Francoise Gauquelin, who discovered what has come to be called neo-astrology: a statistically strong but astrologically nontraditional correlation between occupational emininence and natal planetary positions. There aren't more than a few score people on the planet who are up to speed on neo astrology, and Astrology & Science brings a few of them together as contributors. Spend some time here, scout out the territory, learn the pros and cons . . .

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