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WOW!JUN 10, 2002 - Still Waiting for Greenhouse is essential reading for anyone who has fallen prey to the media "Global Warming" brainwashing. Last week's selection presented evidence that, contrary to the media hype, there are natural (solar) variations to account for much of what global warming there is. Still Waiting for Greenhouse goes a few steps further, exposing flaws in the evidence of global warming in the first place; and revealing that such evidence (and history too) has been distorted to suit political aims. Funny, isn't it, that the global warming crowd went into their hysterical high gear just as Marxist-Leninist ideology collapsed? The socialist power-grabbers had to have some justification for world domination, after the collapse of dialectical materialism. Study this site, carefully: see how the pundits cook up evidence that will serve to justify their seizing control of civilization, and recognize that you're being sold a bill of goods.

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