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WOW!JUN 3, 2002 - El Niño Forecast Revisited is a must-read report by one of today's top research astrologers, Dr. Theodor Landscheidt. It's a little on the technical side, but even non-engineers can readily get the gist of it; namely a presentation of evidence that solar variability has a much greater correlation with terrestrial climate than is allowed in prevailing scientific models. If true - judge the evidence for yourself - this is important for a couple of reasons. One, of course, is the astrological nature of the proposition in the first place. Many scientists would have us believe that the Sun, Moon and planets cannot have any correlation with events here on Earth. As for the other reason, consider Landscheidt's argument (buttressed with evidence, mind you) that global warming can be attributed more directly to solar variability than to any "anthropogenic" cause. (Somebody please, tell the environmental nut cases before they wreck the global economy!) And last but not least, consider that Landscheidt used his solar model over three years ago to predict a return of El Niņo starting around November 2002. Does that ring a bell? Maybe it's because NOAA climatologists only a few months ago began predicting the same thing. Landscheidt gets it right almost four years in advance using leading edge astrology, and the climatologists only see it coming six months or so in advance with state of the art computer models. Go figure. Seriously.

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