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WOW!APR 8, 2002 - StarDate Online is the website of the popular StarDate radio feature, the public education and outreach arm of the University of Texas McDonald Observatory. If you've enjoyed the radio feature over the years, you know what to expect from the website; although in fairness, the website offers a great deal more because it doesn't labor under the time constraints of the radio vignette. (Which, by the way, you can listen to with a one-day delay from a link on the website - in case no station within range has the good sense and exquisite taste to broadcast StarDate.) It's fun, it's educational, it's astronomy for everyone: StarDate Online is a delight.

Technical note: Web Site Garage rates StarDate Online fair over-all, and in load time (18.22 seconds with a 56k modem). In comparison, the page you're now reading rates excellent in both categories (loading in 6.59 seconds at 56k).

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