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WOW!MAR 18, 2002 - Arabic Parts Calculator does what it says; i.e. it calculates the Arabic Parts. These are points in a horoscope, derived by formula from the luminaries, planets, angles etc. This website provides a brief introduction to these mathematical chart indices - best known of which is the Part of Fortune - plus links for further information (including one you can use to purchase what may be the best book available on the subject, Robert Zoller's Arabic Parts in Astrology). But calculating Arabic Parts is what this site is all about, and to do it all you need is a horoscope. Oh, and if you're running a Netscape browser, you'll need version 6 or higher. (Version 4 or higher is fine with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.) Just select whichever Part interests you, enter in the corresponding data and click on the "Find Arabic Part" button: there it is, your Part, in sign-degree-minute format. Just remember: this site only calculates 'em, it doesn't interpret 'em. (For that, you're either on your own or you'll want to chase down some of the recommended references.)

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