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WOW!MAR 11, 2002 - Geocentric Planetary Nodes is an all too rare treat for astrological connoisseurs: a free online article by one of the most important astrologers alive, Dr. Theodor Landscheidt. (And yes, for those of sharp eye and mind, that means there's a misspelling in the URL.) Be advised at the outset, Landscheidt isn't for the astrological novice. This article, originally published in the October-December 1995 issue of the very fine journal Considerations, is long enough and involved enough that you can't do it justice unless you print the whole thing out and study it in detail. Read it through, and you're bound to be curious about applying the geocentric nodes of the Sun and planets to your own natal chart. There's the rub: most astrological software doesn't provide this information. Landscheidt's article provides a simple formula to calculate the Sun's geocentric node, and he offers a low-cost program to do the rest: see the article for his address, and hope it's still current. You might also want to check the various sources linked in the Astrology Software section of Astropro's NetSelect Directory to see which ones perform these calculations. (I believe there are one or two that do.)

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