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WOW!MAR 4, 2002 - Hall of Ma'at is a counterweight for the many flights of fancy concerning the ancient world. You know the kind I mean: the tales of Atlantis, of Atlanteans who had technology more advanced than our own thousands of years before the Pharoahs, of an advanced civilization that crafted the sphinx 5,000 years before the Great Pyramids were built - not to mention the aliens who taught humans the arts of civilization in the ancient days of prehistory. To the ancient Egyptians, "ma'at was a concept of truth, justice and balance. This web site is put forth in that spirit," says the webmaster. I love myths and legends as much as anyone, and I'm sure there's a grain of truth in them. But when authors and psychics and such start spouting off alternate histories and prehistories that fly in the face of hard evidence - well, that's the kind of thing you can learn about here.

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